Our Vision

Visions for Humanity has developed a bold vision to develop carbon-neutral, sustainable housing that harmoniously blends into the existing natural environment.

Key concepts:

  • Natural: avoid construction blight and preserve the natural landscape by blending dwellings into the existing environment
  • Energy efficient: cut the energy requirements for heating and cooling by 70%
  • Light: maximize natural light throughout the central court and entry
  • Gardens: year-round custom garden arrangements with orangerie green houses, surrounding the central court for each unit

The basic concept of the exterior is to be earth-covered with bermed walls. Windows from the rooms will open onto the condo orangerie with natural light coming from the unit's central court, creating a veil of layers of planting and year-round flowering vegetation, creating a metaphor of illusion.
Thin louvers over glass sliders in the breezeway provide total privacy when needed.

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