About Visions for Humanity

Visions for Humanity was founded to develop solutions to the problems presented by conventional building design and construction: Excessive environmental impact and a lack of integration with natural surroundings.

Besides offering a reduced environmental footprint, Visions for Humanity's designs also provides living spaces that harmoniously and uniquely coexist with the landscape.


This bold vision proves that it is possible to successfully combine sustainability and comfort. In truth, it is through designs that integrate energy efficiency and natural beauty that homeowners will find increased living comfort and joy of living.

Enjoy a condo entry facade centered around a two-story, twenty foot long orangerie greenhouse. As the sun sets, take in the light of a central courtyard fountain facing two other greenhouse facades, each available in any one of twelve different planting concepts. Maintained by the condo association, available styles include: Hawaiian Floridian, Mexican, Japanese-Asian, Mediterranean, Southwestern, Northeastern, Tanzania, Egyptian and Garden of Eden.




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