Grandin-Larson Partnership

The GL Partnership is a way to solve your artistic problems by bringing together art and architecture. Free estimates for murals, paintings for architectural spaces, design concepts and all graphic problems. [web site]

Anne Grandin - Artist

Anne Grandin draws inspiration from Native American culture and its emphasis on the circle of life. Her paintings, which most often take off from a realist perspective and grow organically, have been described as reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe and Salvador Dali. [web site]

R. Philips Technologies, Inc.

The experience with R. Philips Technologies' Systems Design Approach is unique to all other design approaches. In the past, solar homes and living acquired a perception that in order to conserve energy, we must live with minimal features and amenities in order for such a home to function. On the contrary! A Systems Design Approach can change this perception and has demonstrated that a well designed solar home can be superior to any conventional home in every respect without the need for consuming human resources for comfort. What does that mean? The usual expenses of heating and cooling are eliminated - means - huge savings over a life time. [web site]

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